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At  McKenzie Surgery Center, we work hard to meet the special needs of children and create a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Children can bring a favorite toy, blanket or video to the center.  We also encourage parents to discuss the surgery beforehand to help alleviate stress.

Parents/guardians are able to stay with their child until surgery.  To help children through the process, a parent/guardian is allowed into the operating room until the child is asleep.  Parents/guardians are able to rejoin their child as soon as they have safely awakened from the anesthesia.  We recommend that one adult drives while another cares for the child.

Having a procedure can be a stressful event for a child, we encourage parents to discuss what to expect beforehand.  We also encourage a visit and tour prior to day of the procedure.  Tour times are best in the late afternoon before 4:00 p.m. Please call in advance to coordinate.
It is important to follow your anesthesiologists instructions regarding eating and drinking fluids prior to your surgery. NO FOOD AFTER MIDNIGHT; Clear liquids are allowed up to 3 hours prior to your surgery, clear liquids include black coffee, tea, apple juice, plain Jell-o, soda, no milk products, pulpy juices or additives i.e. non-dairy creamer.